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2018 Publications

Bull, P., Gadsby, J. and Williams, S. (2018), Critical Mental Health Nursing: Observations from the inside, PCCS-Publishing.

2016 Publications


Williams, S. (2016), Recovering from Psychosis: Empirical Evidence and Lived Experience, Routledge.

Book Chapters

McClelland, G. T. M, Barlow, S., and Williams, S. (2016), Altered Mental States, in Torn, A. and Greasley, P. (2016), Psychology for Nurses, Polity Press.

Williams, S. (In Press), “A Robot on the Ward”, in Jhugroo et al. (In Press), Coming Off, Palgrave Macmillan.

Blog Articles

Williams, S. (2016), The Politics of Nursing and Nurse Education, The Inside Skinny Latte Blog, April 18th 2016, Available from: http://mhnurselecturer.co.uk/?p=142[Accessed 18th April 2016].

Symposium, Concurrent and Other Conference Papers

Williams, S. (2016), Addressing Inclusion: Developing an innovative technology assisted learning package for educators and students for use in a UK Recovery College., 22nd RCN International Psychiatric Nursing Conference, Available from: https://www.rcn.org.uk/-/media/royal-college-of-nursing/documents/events/2016/npnr-book-of-abstracts-16.pdf?la=en, [Accessed 22/9/2016].

2013-2015 Publications

Blog Articles

Williams, S. (2015), Troubling Definitions of ‘Mental Health’, The Inside Skinny Latte Blog, May 1st 2015, Available from: http://mhnurselecturer.co.uk/?p=114 , [Accessed 22nd May 2015].

Williams, S. (2014), Writing “Recovering from Psychosis: Empirical Evidence and Lived Experience”: Some Reflections, The Inside Skinny Latte Blog, September 19th 2014, Available from: http://mhnurselecturer.co.uk/?p=78, [Accessed 23rd September 2014].

Williams, S. (2014), Why The Mental Health Act Needs A Review of Community Treatment Orders #ChallengeCTOs, The Inside Skinny Latte Blog,  July 24th 2014, Available from: http://mhnurselecturer.co.uk/?p=63, [Accessed 1st August 2014].

Williams, S. (2014), Against ‘Involvement’ and Towards ‘Co-Production’, The Inside Skinny Latte Blog, May 28th 2014, Available from: http://mhnurselecturer.co.uk/?p=45, [accessed 4th July 2014].

Williams, S., Jackson, S., and O’Donnell, S. (2013), Are NICE Guidelines Enabling Our Caring Professionals to Meet NMC Standards of Evidence-Based Practice?, The Inside Skinny Latte Blog, March 28th 2014, Available from: http://mhnurselecturer.co.uk/?p=5, [accessed 28th March 2014].

Williams, S. (2013), Embracing Digital Education for Nursing (An @WeNurses Web-blog Article), The Inside Skinny Latte Blog, September 9th 2013, Available from: http://mhnurselecturer.co.uk/?p=8, [accessed 19th November 2013].

Williams, S. (2013), A Twitter Chat for @WeNurses on Resilience (Hosted 7th March 2013), The Inside Skinny Latte Blog, 8th March 2013, Available From: http://mhnurselecturer.co.uk/wp/?p=10, [accessed 21st August 2013].

Symposium Papers and Conference Presentations

Bates, S. and Williams, S. (2015), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: Initial Orientation and Training for Undergraduate Mental Health Nursing Students in the UK, RCN Annual International Nursing Research Conference and Exhibition 2015.

Williams, S. (2014), Mindfulness and Motivational Interviewing: Addressing Difficulties with Change – Developing “Mindful-Listening”, Birmingham NEC Unite Annual CHPVA Conference.

Williams, S. and Downs, M. (2013), Added Value: The Complementary Role of Care Record Analysis and Key Informant Interviews in Understanding Current UK Nursing Home Care for Older Adults,  42nd Annual Conference of British Society of Gerontology: Global Ageing: Implications for Individuals and Societies, 11th-13th September 2013, University of Oxford:BSG. Abstract Online.

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