Why the Skinny Latte?

cc Sarah Pritchard

You could well be asking yourselves why my ‘strap line’ describes this blog as the ‘inside skinny latte’. Well it’s an attempt to be cute. I’m always trying to be witty and cute – it’s an annoying habit of mine. It’s first and foremost a play on words – when I was trying to figure out the strap line  I decided on the ‘inside skinny’ – a reference of course to inside or confidential information about someone or a topic. I also wanted to reference ‘insider and outsider’ views as they pertain to post-modernism. Then my associative brain kicked in with the ‘latte’ in an attempt at humour. This ends up making it a silly dig at my liberally left elitist intellectualism, as calling someone “latte drinking” has become a commonplace  political attack in western cultures. See http://www.nytimes.com/1996/08/18/opinion/the-politics-of-me.html?scp=2&sq=%22latte+drinking%22&st=nyt for a classic example of this (check the penultimate paragraph). Also, as anyone who works with me can testify, I do drink obscene quantities of lattes.

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